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Mike Abate is a PGA Professional in the Carolinas Section and co founder of The Youth Golf Foundation of North Carolina currently sponsoring the Lake Norman Junior Golf Association at Mooresville Golf Club. Mike is also a NIKE Golf staff member and a recognized The First Tee Coach.

The Youth Foundation has clear goals, it has highly competent and enthusiastic teachers and volunteers, it helps build student's self-esteem while it rewards good performance and opens golf to a new generation of young people. 


•    Private Lessons
•    Short Game Clinics
•    Putting Lessons
•    Video Analysis
•    Youth Programs
•    Group Clinics
•    Playing Lessons


Mike Abate is an experienced PGA Instructor at Mooresville Golf Club and other locations in the Lake Norman region. Mike offers several types of programs and instruction packages while his specialty is customizing a golf lesson program that meets your specific needs.

Whether you are just beginning to learn golf, trying to lower your handicap, or just want to perfect a certain type of shot...Mike can help you learn the game and improve your swing. A high speed video golf swing analysis lets you understand your swing and unlock your potential. Mike's approach will take guesswork out of improving your golf swing and knowledge. Students will see and be able to PRACTICE precisely on the change that will generate positive results. By concentrating on ball-striking fundamentals, and short game fundamentals, Mike will give you the confidence and ability to reduce your score on the golf course. That is what the game is about......get the ball in the hole.

Mike Abate Golf’s Coaching Philosophy


v Every student is different

v Sound fundamentals are important for skill development

v Effective practice to maximize improvement

v People learn at different ages and different rates of speed

v A goal ladder should be identified for each student

v We learn through experience and mistakes

v Students learn in different environments

v Strength training and nutrition are keys for maximizing performance

v Correctly fitted equipment is an integral part of skill acquisition

v The impact zone is the most important part of the swing

v The aim point is the most important line in golf

v Coach’s are always willing to learn

v Practice for the right reasons, practice like you play 


 Mike Abate and the Lake Norman Junior Golf Association are always in front of affluent golfers each year who can be exposed to your product, retail store, event, service, or website. Our goal is to add FUN while raising additional money for our Foundation and the Lake Norman Junior Golf Association. This makes a great win-win opportunity. We are looking for more partners and friends to support us! We can always showcase, promote, endorse your product, company, or service by integrating your brand as a prize or gift for programs. To take advantage of this wonderful opportunity please visit us at www.TheYouthGolfFoundationofNC.org 

Whether the student is a participant of the Lake Norman Junior Golf Association or an individual student, all students start off with a self paced improvement path built on coaching while their goals come first. The objective is to measure the skill level of players. Provide advice and strategies for improving swing techniques and fundamentals. Establish an appropriate, balanced, and challenging competitive schedule and training regimen. At select locations, patented golf lesson technology including advanced cameras, motion sensors, and teaching aids make the evaluation fact-based, accurate and consistent with a Professional Tour database supplying reliable swing comparisons and concepts.

Mike's creation of customized golf lesson plan is guided by over ten years of teaching experience and someone who can translate swing data and his observations into a meaningful lesson plan based on the principles of Accelerated Golf.

•    Understand the full swing technique. 

•    Learn how to apply fundamentals from tee to green

•    Experience positive change.

•    Maintain your game under positive practice techniques




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